Business Consultation by Swami Gagan

Business Consultation by Swami Gagan

Business Consultation by Swami Gagan
Business Consultation by Swami Gagan

The two most important factors to become a successful businessman are the courage to take risk and business skill. The rest of the things depend upon how far your luck is supporting you. The success of a business also depends on the planetary position in one’s Kundli.

What is Business Astrology?

To run a successful business, we need courage to take risk and the 3rd house is the representative of courage in astrology. If you have a desire to do your new business and your desire is ruled by the 7th house in Kundli.

This house is also responsible for business deals. Your wishes or dreams will be fulfilled or not will depend on the strength of the 11th house.

This house indicates the fulfillment of your desire. The New business proposal is the main subject of the 11th house. Due to the planetary position, people have to face the following problems.

  • Employee’s un punctuality,
  • Unexpected Business Loss,
  • Low production,
  • Decreasing number of clients

Get Answers of these Questions:

  • Which one is a suitable profession – job or business?
  • Which industry will be suitable for job/business?
  • What is the right time to start a new venture?

Why You Choose Swami Gagan for Business Consultation?

Take Consultation from Swami Ji to resolve the above-mentioned problems which you are facing, To get an accurate business prediction, you have to book an appointment first.

There are two modes of Consultation 1st is Telephonic Consultation and the 2nd is face to face Consultation.  

He will analyze the Kundali in detail to give answers to your queries and provide you the solution to your problems and remedies also.

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