Swami Gagan | Astrologer in Delhi | Renowned TV Astrologer

About Swami Ji

Swami Ji, a devotee of Lord Shiva was inclined towards spirituality from the beginning and studied about Vedas and Upanishads. Over the years he has gained knowledge in the field of Astrology, Numerology, Spirituality and Vastu Shastra (covering both Residential and Commercial Projects).


Swami ji has learnt Astrology from Bharati Vidya Bhawan and studied Vastu Shastra from Lal Bahadur Sanskrit Vidyapeeth.

Swami Gagan’s Lifestyle

Swami ji carries on a Modern Outlook and has a normal lifestyle. He strongly believes that it is not necessary that if you are a Spiritual person you have to wear that type of clothes. One should be spiritual from the inside and within their soul not from the outside.

There are people who pretend and flaunt it on the outside but they don’t have any knowledge, it’s about understanding the Religion and Spirituality.

Even in our scriptures, we don’t consider the body of a human, we talk about Soul and Supreme/Cosmic Powers. We do not consider or associate ourselves with gender, we consider Soul Karma and Supreme Powers.

Your body is temporary as well as your age. So you can follow your own lifestyle as and how you like but at the same time retaining Spirituality in your inner self and soul.

Swami Gagan as a Media Representative

Being an active Spiritual Leader and a Social Activist, Swami ji has been into numerous TV Channels, Debates and Spiritual Programmes as a Spiritual Guru and represents Hinduism.

He has done hundreds of shows and has actively participated and contributed his views and suggestions towards the betterment of the Society and the Nation.

The most important events were:

  • » Ram Mandir Temple – Ayodhya’s Verdict
  • » Entry Ban for Women in Shani Shingnapur Temple
  • » Karma and Medical Problem as per Gita and Vedas (#CancerKarmaGaffe)
  • » Legalizing Marijuana
  • » Kiku Sharda Controversy on Mimicking Baba Ram Rahim
  • » Sabrimala Temple
  • » Sonu Nigam on Use of Loudspeaker at Religious Places
  • » And many more

Expertise Area

Swami Ji has helped a lot of people and solved their problems using Vedic and Ancient Traditions for remedies and puja rituals.

His main area of expertise includes

  • » Love & Relationship Problems
  • » Marriage & Divorce Related Issues
  • » Business & Financial Matters
  • » Job & Career
  • » Health Issues

Apart from this he has also provided Vastu Consultation for Commercial and Residential Projects.

Medical Astrology, Parashar Astrology, Numerology along with Reiki and Distance Healing Techniques.

Future Vision

Our future vision is to provide education in the Spiritual field like Astrology, Vastu, Numerology, Reiki, Healing, Tarot etc. to bring our Ancient Knowledge, Traditions, Vedas & Scriptures associated with these fields in a modern way so that it is helpful for our upcoming future generation and in turn generate employment in the rural sector.

This will be a step towards bringing back our Religious Customs & Vedas Knowledge which most of the current generation are missing out.

Let us all take a step forward and make the society a peaceful place to live in, remove all the religious corruption and save our Earth for future generations.

The following are the Social Work that will be followed with our campaigns to bring a change in the society:

  • » Completely Ban the USE of Plastics
  • » Save and Protect our Cows
  • » Make every city a Pollution Free City
  • » Educating every being about the wise use of Limited Resources

If any volunteer would like to join and associate with us, can send an email to swamigagan1008@gmail.com for this cause.