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About Swami Ji

Swami Gagan, a humanitarian by heart and profound follower of Spirituality, working towards the betterment of the society and impacting numerous lives with his vast Spiritual knowledge and experience of over 15+ years.

Swami ji, has been into spirituality since a long time now. He has explored various aspects of human suffering, problems and the reasons behind them deeply studied how a person can overcome from these problems.

What is "Karma Theory" in real life and how does it work?

On the basis of "Karma Theory" Swami ji has busted the Myths around Astrology.

According to him, Astrology or any other Spiritual knowledge, is not for the prediction of the future rather it signifies the circumstances, obstacles or hurdles one might face in the future on the basis of their Past Karma.

But the most important thing is, how will you face, act and respond in those circumstances is entirely upto you, that is the Free Will of Karma. That’s why he says, you can create your own destiny, alter and design your future & get the desired results by following the spiritual life no matter how tough or difficult your previous life was.


Swami ji's Vision is, to bring clarity in the lives of people.

What is spiritual life? How a person can get the desired result by following the spiritual life and practice, and spread this awareness in the society, so that we can minimize or eliminate the human suffering, bring peace, happiness, harmonious and right relationship between human and all living being in sync with the mother nature & Universe, without any discrimination, bring equality and create violence free society where everyone gets equal opportunities.

So that individual get the Ultimate Libration (Moksha).




Swami Ji, used to represent the spiritual point of view in Media on National Issues related to Religion, Hinduism, Spirituality etc on various National News channels and was part of the debate panelist as well having done numerous shows in all major News Channels like:

TimesNow, News18, NDTV, IndiaToday, CNBC, RepublicTV, Republic Bharat, ABP, News24, Zee TV, India News, News X and many more.

Been a part on Major National Issues Like:

  • » Ram Mandir Temple – Ayodhya’s Verdict
  • » Entry Ban for Women in Shani Shingnapur Temple
  • » Karma and Medical Problem as per Gita and Vedas (#CancerKarmaGaffe)
  • » Legalizing Marijuana
  • » Kiku Sharda Controversy on Mimicking Baba Ram Rahim
  • » Sabrimala Temple
  • » Sonu Nigam on Use of Loudspeaker at Religious Places
  • » And many more





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