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Dus Mahavidya Puja

About Goddess Dus Mahavidya:

The ten forms of Shakti in Hinduism, worshipped during Navratri is known as the Das Mahavidhya Puja. This puja is very powerful to overcome any kind of negative power or tendencies within us and around us.

As per mythology, Goddess Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva revealed her ten powerful forms to the Lord. The Sankrit word ‘Das’ means ten, ‘Maha’ means great and ‘Vidya’ stands for education, and each of the forms represents wisdom and knowledge.

Thus, the ten Mahavidyas are known as Wisdom Goddess. A devotee is showered with infinite grace and blessings of the Goddess when one invokes all the ten aspects of Goddess Shakti.

Das Mahavidya – The ten forms of Shakti:

The ten forms is a combination of the benevolent and the fierce forms of Shakti.

Benefits of Dus Mahavidya Puja

The worship of Das Mahavidya provides one with Bhoga; worldly happiness as well as Moksha; liberation. It helps in the fulfilment of all kinds of desires.

Legal & Court Cases:

Marriage & Relationships:

Protection from Black Magic & Enemies:

Financial & Debt Recovery:

Health & Prosperity:


Dus Mahavidya Mantra/Jaap

ॐ निं ह्लीं क्रीं ह्रीं गुरुभ्यो श्रीं ऐं स्त्रीं नम:।।

Number of Mantras/Jaap, & Pandits who will be performing the rituals


51,000 Mantras (Jaap)

The number of mantras that will be chanted in Dus Mahavidya Puja is 51,000 mantras, that will be done by 3 pandits.

1.25 Lakh Mantras (Jaap)

The number of mantras chanted will be 1,25,000 mantras, that will be done by 5 pandits.


How to Book Dus Mahavidya Puja/Yagya/Homam

Testimonials & Reviews

“No one told me that a puja can help me for delay in marriage problems. This puja really helped”

Was looking for a solution regarding my sister’s delay in marriage problem, have tried many remedies but none helped. This was my last try to consult to an Astrologer, as there were so many problems in the family due to all this. But things changed soon after I consulted Swami Gaganji. He told me what people generally suggests in remedies, and I confirmed that as they were all correct. No one told me about the puja before. This time I thought of it as a last resort, but it actually worked. This puja helped me in getting my sister married.


“How we Saved our Relationship which was on the verge of Breaking”

There was a time when I was having so many problems in my relationship, nothing was working out between me and my partner, we were almost on the verge of breaking up, but then I contacted swamiji to get some insights and what exactly is there in future for my relationship with this guy. He told me it won’t last longer as the planetary position in my chart was not in a good place and to resolve this, dus mahavidya puja is necessary, I then decided to proceed with it, and it has been an year now, our relationship is much more stronger than before.


“After 3 months without a Job, got a job soon after performing the puja”

Everyone was a part of worldwide job crises that happened due to covid virus, and I was also one of them. Getting fired from the company I was working for, was one thing, but not finding a job was another. It was almost 3 months now and I was not finding any job, interviews took place but no one called afterwards. After this someone told me to do puja, for this he told me about Swamiji as he has also consulted him before. I asked swamiji and told about my situation. He suggested me this puja which I know how I took money from my friends and did it, but that was the best decision of my life, now I finally have a job with me all because of him. Thanks to swamiji.



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We have been doing puja rituals from a long time, and are trusted by many people around the world. Swami Ji has an experience of over 15 years in Astrology & Spirituality and has been into numerous channels such as TimesNow, Republic TV, CNBC, Zee News, AajTak, ABP News and many more.

All the rituals are performed under the guidance of Swami ji.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

>> While the puja rituals are going on, avoid eating non-veg food and drinking alcohol (if applicable)
>> If there is any other thing that needs to be done during the homam, we will guide you regarding the same via call.

After the puja rituals are completed, we will send you the Prasad at your home address via courier.

The Prasad will include the following contents:

>> Dus Mahavidya Yantra

>> Dus Mahavidya Tabiz/Locket

>> Holy Thread/Mala

We perform the puja with proper Vedic Rituals and Anushthaan as per our Shastras. It is not necessary for a person to be present in the puja, however if someone wishes to participate in the process can come and be present in the puja.
The charges for the puja depends upon a number of factors, such as what kind of puja you want to get performed, the number of mantras that will be chanted along with how many pandits perform the puja. You can contact us to get more details on the same.