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Kamakhya Puja

About Maa Kamkhaya:

Goddess Kamakhya, also known as Goddess Kameshwari is the Goddess of potency and desire. The Goddess is fondly worshipped by devotees as the symbolism of potent feminine energy and is known to be the ultimate source of desires and also the one who fulfills desires. Goddess Kamakhya presides in the Kamakhya temple which is located in the Nilachal hills of northeast India. It is one of the oldest of the 51 Shaktipeeths where the ‘yoni’ of Devi Sati fell on Earth and is now worshipped in the form of a stone in the temple.

It is a popular Hindu temple and known to be a place of pilgrimage for sadhus, sanyasis and especially tantriks who visits the temple for blessings from the Goddess of Tantra. The famous Ambubachi mela is held every year to celebrate the annual menstruation cycle of the ‘Bleeding Goddess’.

Benefits of Kamakhya Puja

Love & Relationship:

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Kamakhya Mantra/Jaap

Kamakhyaam Kaamsampanaam Kameshwari Harpriyam।

Kaamnaam Dehi Me Nityam Kameshwari Namostute।।

Number of Mantras/Jaap, & Pandits who will be performing the rituals


51,000 Mantras (Jaap)

The number of mantras that will be chanted in Kamakhya Puja is 51,000 mantras, that will be done by 3 pandits.

1.25 Lakh Mantras (Jaap)

The number of mantras chanted will be 1,25,000 mantras, that will be done by 5 pandits.


How to Book Kamakhya Puja/Yagya/Homam

Testimonials & Reviews

"Parents Not Agree for Our Love Marriage…"

Me and My Partner were in relationship for 3.5 years. But from past 1 year we were trying to convince our parents but they were not getting ready & we can’t go against our family. Then we came to know about Swamiji from one of my friend. Then we consulted with swami ji and did remedies as per his instructions. Now our family got ready & we are engaged now. Thanks to Swami ji to save our relationship.


"My Boyfriend Blocked me from everywhere..."

Due to misunderstanding my lover blocked me from everywhere. I tried everything but nothing got worked. Then Acharya ji told me how to get the positive results… thanks to acharya ji for getting me into depression and bring happiness in life.


"Swamiji..helped me in saving my relationship"

MY partner was always busy in work and he used to spend a vry less time with me. Our relationship was getting deteriorated day by day and there was nothing i could do to save it. After trying my luck with many things, I consulted swamiji and he really helped me in saving my relationship. Wud recommend to everyone.



Media Coverage

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We have been doing puja rituals from a long time, and are trusted by many people around the world. Swami Ji has an experience of over 15 years in Astrology & Spirituality and has been into numerous channels such as TimesNow, Republic TV, CNBC, Zee News, AajTak, ABP News and many more.

All the rituals are performed under the guidance of Swami ji.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

>> While the puja rituals are going on, avoid eating non-veg food and drinking alcohol (if applicable)
>> If there is any other thing that needs to be done during the homam, we will guide you regarding the same via call.

After the puja rituals are completed, we will send you the Prasad of Maa Kamakhya at your home address via courier.

The Prasad will include the following contents:

>> Kamakhya Yantra

>> Kamakhya Tabiz/Locket

>> Kamakhya Vastra

>> Kamakhya Kada

We perform the puja with proper Vedic Rituals and Anushthaan as per our Shastras. It is not necessary for a person to be present in the puja, however if someone wishes to participate in the process can come and be present in the puja.
The charges for the puja depends upon a number of factors, such as what kind of puja you want to get performed, the number of mantras that will be chanted along with how many pandits perform the puja. You can contact us to get more details on the same.