Marriage Consultation by Swami Gagan

Marriage Consultation by Swami Gagan
Marriage Consultation by Swami Gagan
Marriage Consultation by Swami Gagan

What is Marriage Astrology?

Marriage astrology has three important parts – knowing the best time of marriage, marriage matching and marital happiness. Before marriage, it is important to see if the positions of planets, which are analyzed for marriage, are weak or combust as they may fail to give the desired results.

In order to predict the timing of marriage first, we have to see whether a person’s marriage is destined in time or will be delayed in marriage 7th house is a house of marriage and Planet Saturn and Mars in 7th house may create problems in the marriage.

Malefic planets in 8th house also create problem in marriage. It can be caused delay in marriage. Planet Venus is the ruler of the 7th house and responsible for the marriage-related problems. Due to the wrong planetary position, we have to face the following problems: 

  • Marriage disputes,
  • Love and relationship issues,
  • Delay in marriage,
  • Inter-caste marriage

Are You Searching for the Answers of these Questions?

  • When will I get married?
  • Marriage life will be happy or not?
  • Why is my getting marriage delayed?
  • Will have a arrange marriage or love marriage

Why You Choose Swami Gagan for Marriage Consultation?

Take Consultation from Swami ji to resolve the above-mentioned problems which you are facing, To get an accurate marriage prediction, you have to book an appointment first.

There are two modes of Consultation 1st is Telephonic Consultation and the 2nd is face to face Consultation.

Swami Gagan will analyze the Kundali in detail to give answers to your queries and provide you the solution to your problems and remedies also.

Call or Whatsapp: +919773506528


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