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Are you facing Hurdles in Life?

Are you facing problems in your career or Job, Business and Money, Marriage and Relationship, Health issues and evil effects and overall not getting success after so much effort?

If yes then you need to consult and find out the reason for those hurdles and remove it as soon as possible.

Here we will help you to troubleshoot the problem and find out the best remedies to remove it completely.

What are the reasons behind those hurdles?

Human life is based on phases and factors like career and marriage are the phases and money and health issues are factors.

The phases and factors is good or not it is decided by the planetary positions of the native, if planets are strong then it will bless you and no hurdles in life but if planets are malefic then you will face problems, and it will spoil your entire things.

And malefic planetary position in Birth chart is called “Birth Chart Dosha”, major birth chart dosha in astrology are:

  • Saturn Dosha (Shani Sadhe Sati Dosha)
  • Kaal Sarp Dosha
  • Mangal Dosha,
  • Pitru Dosha
  • Guru Chandaal Dosha

Saturn Dosh affects entirely to native, it creates barrier in success in all works, spoils career, business and finance, also effects on relationship and health.

There are 12 types of the Kaal Sarp dosha as per the planets position in native birth chart; kaal sarp dosh brings delay in marriage issue, marital dispute, many types of the health issues like accidents and diseases.

Mangal Dosh main malefic effects are delay in marriage, after marriage life painful, dispute in marital life, less age of husband if not settled, childless issue, divorce case etc.

Malefic effects of the Pitru Dosh are unable to get success in all works, family problems, court case and legal issues, health issues of the native, problem to children.

Adverse effects of the Guru Chandal dosha are job problem, career problem, not to get success in education, property and health issues, and issues in relation of father and son etc.

Get remedies to remove all malefic effects and issues

As above mentioned the malefic effects of the all major birth chart dosha, except from above mentioned problems there are lots of issues native can face.

To remove all those hurdles from your life you must know the reason behind it and from which dosh you are facing the problems, Astrologer Swami Gagan will analyse your birth chart and tell you the reason behind it and name of dosha also.

So, to get solution of your problems share your Name, birth details with time and place and after analysis we will tell you the reason and best and accurate remedy as per the astrology and spirituality.

Astrologer Swami Gagan

  • Analysis of your Birth chart details will be done by the famous Indian Celebrity Astrologer Swami Gagan.
  • Swami Gagan has the 20+ years of experience in all astrology services, he is a media personality, and he is involved in various Hindu religion social activities.
  • He is celebrity TV Astrologer, He served Astrology, Numerology and Vastu service to more than 28 countries and he has more than 32000 satisfied clients worldwide.

Reviews for Astrological Remedies from world wide

Sharon Sanowar (Trinidad and Tobago)
From past 3 years I was not getting success in my business, debts was increases, astrologer Gagan told me that Saturn Dosh is present, and he suggested remedies, after that my business is moving forward, debts also paid, experienced and honest astrologer he is.
Sharon Sanowar (Trinidad and Tobago)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We need your Name, birth details with time and place, also the problem you are facing and from which time you are facing?

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Swami Gagan ji will provide you all malefic effects of the planets of your birth chart and dosha if any present.

Yes you can ask questions to Swami Gagan ji, mode of the communication will be via whatsapp or email.

You will get the best, accurate and result oriented remedies only as per the astrology and spirituality only to remove your problems.

There is no cost of the birth chart analysis and dosha analysis, but if you opt the remedies then there are charges, and cost is depend on the remedies suggested to you.

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