Having Doubts with your Relationship?

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Swami Ji spent his entire life to study the scriptures and gained sacred knowledge of the Vedas, Upanishads & Shastras. He has been practicing many sadhnas, dhyan, meditation & distance healing techniques.

He has also been into numerous renowned TV Channels in many debates and Spiritual Programmes.

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Not Every Relationship is 100% Perfect

Every Relationship goes through its ups and downs, there are many people who tackle these problems with ease but for some people it can cause a NIGHTMARE.

If are going through a difficult time in your Relationship, you can Consult with us and get Complete Solution of your Problem.

There are many issues which people face in their Relationships such as:

Family Issues:

Trust & Compatibility:

Blocked from Everywhere:

Intercaste/Love Marriage:

Cheating/Affair with someone else:

Negative or Evil Eye Effect:


Why Suffer? When the Solution is available


Are you Facing any of these problems in your Relationship or Marriage?

If you or any of your friend is going through this phase, then you are at the right place!

Consult Renowned Celebrity Astrologer Swami Gagan and get complete guidance and solution for your Relationship and Marriage problems.

What you will get in this Consultation?

"Astrology is not which predicts your Future,
Astrology is which helps you to Resolve your issues,
get the Desired results & create your Future."

- Swami Gagan

Testimonials & Reviews

"My Partner stopped talking to me…."

Since Past 2 yrs of relationship with my Bf & having a good bonding, we used to have fights but everything got normal in 2-3 days time. But don’t knw what happened this time we had fight on small issue but he stopped talking me for more than 5 months. I tried all the ways, contacted many astrologers but they took money and nothing worked for me, Zero Result. Then connected with Swami ji, he told me the reason of my problem and did the remedies and within the time he suggested my bf contacted me. Its like a new life for me. Thanks a lot swami ji. I personally recommend him.

Neeru Chatterjee, Pune

"My Boyfriend Blocked me from everywhere..."

Due to misunderstanding my lover blocked me from everywhere. I tried everything but nothing got worked. Then Acharya ji told me how to get the positive results… thanks to acharya ji for getting me into depression and bring happiness in life.

Renuka Singh, Mumbai

"..due to Intercaste issues, his family.."

I wanted to marry the person I love but due to Intercaste issues, his family was not accepting our relationship. We tried many solutions but none worked then finally we visited Swami ji's office and told him our situation. He understood our problem and guided us regarding the solution, it took 2 months but it definitely worked! Am glad I am married to the same person

Shradha Jha, Delhi

"..engagement got broken.."

My partner and I were having no problems at all in our relationship then something happened, it was like someone has done some black magic on us. Our engagement got broken and many differences came in. Then I consulted swami gagan ji because I had doubt that something has been done. And after the consultation, I got to know yes black magic was done on us due to which all this happened. After I chose to follow the remedies suggested by him, everything got resolved. Thankyou guru ji

Sandhya Govil, Bangalore

"Swamiji..helped me in saving my relationship"

MY partner was always busy in work and he used to spend a vry less time with me. Our relationship was getting deteriorated day by day and there was nothing i could do to save it. After trying my luck with many things, I consulted swamiji and he really helped me in saving my relationship. Wud recommend to everyone.

Suman, Mumbai

"My partner's parents were not ready.."

When I was having no hope of getting things back on track, Swami ji helped me alot with my relationship problem. My partner's parents were not ready, due to this he was getting away from me. I did a puja after Swami ji's suggestion and just a month later everything was going great. Thanks to swami ji for his advice

Anjali Yadav, Noida

"He was not ready for marriage…"

We have 4 years of relationship, initially ready for marriage and we started staying together, but from 1 year he started ignoring me gradually. As I cant imaging someone’s else in my life. Then swami ji told me that guy is not wrong but lack of courage to take decision as his planetary position his weak. I did what swami ji told me and things got changes onwards.

Supriya Malhotra, Bangalore

"..we are finally married.."

After having so much trouble in our relationship due to one or the other thing, we are finally married. All this happened because of Swami Ji, he guided us for our future and resolved the problems we were initially facing. Thankyou swami ji

Samiksha Roy, Delhi

"We all have problems in our relationship, but.."

We all have problems in our relationships, but we need to keep our commitments and make sure trust is maintained between both persons. I learnt a lot from Swami ji's guidance, his principles are very good.

Rekha, Gurgaon

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The charges for a Detailed session with Swami ji is Rs.2100. Rs.500
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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

A1. The charges for Astrology Consultation is Rs.2100, in which we will connect you with Swami ji and then you can discuss all your queries with him in detail.

A2. There are 3 modes of Consultation:

Telephonic Consultation – You can directly talk to Swami ji regarding your concerns over the phone.

Email Consultation – In email, you send us all the necessary details required for the consultation along with your query, then after analysis is done by Swami ji, we will send you the report via Email

Personal Consultation – If you reside in Delhi or a nearby place, you can come to our office for Face to Face Consultation. (Note: We are not taking any personal consultation at this point of time due to Covid-19)

 To book your appointment, you can pay via Paytm, GooglePay or through an online link whichever is convenient for you.

Our PayTm number is 9599955918

To pay via GooglePay, revert us and we will share you the details

Online Link to Pay: https://imjo.in/ffKTS5

A3. The consultation that you will be getting is a Detailed Session, wherein you can discuss your life aspects (be it Marriage, Relationship, Career, Business, Financial or any other related problems) in detail with Swami ji himself. After analyzing your query and birth charts, he will guide you ahead regarding your concerns, and if applicable, he will also suggest you Remedies as well for your problem.
A4. The consultation is generally for 15 minutes approximately. The charges are for One-Time Consultation only. However, if any of your doubt/query gets left out in this session, then you can talk to Swami ji again within 1-2 days without any extra charges.
A5. After the analysis of your kundli and birth charts, Swami ji will guide you and suggest you Remedies for your problem on the basis of planetary positions and dasha. He will tell you if any doshas are present and the root cause of your problem and the reason behind why you are facing such problem. The Remedies are not general, they vary from person to person as per their problems and planetary positions.