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Shani Dosh Removal Jaap and Yagna with 23000 Chants | Swami Gagan

Shani Jaap For Shani Dosha Shanti – 23,000 Shani Mantra

Ψ If a person is under the malefic influence of Saturn then they will experience difficult time in their life both personal and professional.

Ψ They face trouble in career and business due the shani dosha.

Ψ Personal life will suffer a lot and you may face a lot of enemy problems.

Ψ Performing Shani Jaap during Shani jayanti can nullify these impacts of Shani dosha.


Shani jaap for shani dosha shanti puja should be chanted during Shani jayanti for the better results.

Number of Shani Jaap is 23,000 Shani Mantra of Lord Shani as per shastras.

After the Sankalp, Mantra will be chanted on the Name of the Person & their Gotra.


We perform the Yagya/Worship as per Vedic Rituals. This Yagya is to eliminate the malefic effects of Saturn in the guidance of Swami ji by the Vedic Karm-Kandi Brahmins or Purohits from Gurukul.


Once the puja/rituals are finished we will send you the Prasad and Siddha Pujan Samagri, along with the procedure on how to use it.


You will get complete instructions from our side about the precautions you have to take during puja rituals and after that.

All the rituals will be performed under the guidance of Swami Gagan

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