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Shani Dosh Remedies at Shani Shignapur | Puja for Shani at Shignapur Temple

Shani Dosha Nivaran Puja & Remedies at Shani Shignapur

Ψ Decrease the malefic effects of shani dosha.

Ψ Protects you from evil effects and negativity.

Ψ Helps to overcome financial debts.

Ψ Protects you from legal matters and helps in legal cases.


Saturn is the most influential planet in the horoscope. It can turn anyone’s life around and has the power to make a “King into a Beggar” & a “Beggar into a King”. So as per our sages it is advisable to remove the shani dosha else a person may face the consequences of it.

To appease Lord Shani Dev & for the protection from Shani dosha, We perform shani dosha nivaran puja & remedies at Shani Shignapur .

For protection from Shani Dosha we perform the Yagya/Puja as per Vedic Rituals. This ritual is to eliminate the malefic effects of Shani Dosha performed under the guidance of Swami ji by the Vedic Karm-Kandi Brahmins or Purohits  from Gurukul.


Once the puja/rituals are finished we will send you the Prasad and Siddha Pujan Samagri, along with the procedure on how to use it.


You will get complete instructions from our side about the precautions you have to take during puja rituals and after that.

All the rituals will be performed under the guidance of Swami Gagan

Swami Gagan

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