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How Yoga boosts your immunity? Respiration, Joint pains etc. | Swami Gagan
Yoga = Immunity om swami gagan

Yoga = Immunity

19 May 2018

In a day, numerous viruses and bacterium attack the human body. Some are beneficial while some distort our immune system. Yoga keeps the harmful micro-organisms at bay. Yoga is a form of both physical and mental exercise. But the best part about yoga is that, unlike exercise, it focuses on the holistic body strength improvement rather than just specific organs.

Yoga is one of the best exercises to cure nose blocks and muscle joint pains. Yoga cures cold by lowering the stress hormone released by our body. It calms the nervous system from wherein the immune system is regulated. Yoga provides relaxation vibes to the body.

Yoga essentially comprises of the right breathing techniques that strengthens our lungs to figt against all foreign body attacks and prevent chances of infection.  Yoga “aasanas” also entail a lot of flexibility for our muscles and joints. It tones them, relaxes them and this provides full flow of oxygen to the organs. This increased level of oxygen makes the organs more efficient and active. A popular aasana “Kapalbhati” helps fight against respiratory invasions. “Pranayama” treats cold and flu and all kinds of bronchial attacks. Yoga also lubricates the bones and the ligaments during the aasanas and at the same time strengthens them.


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